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How to spend time at yohaku

Check-in and a day at yohaku



Our facility has a self check-in system using tablets.

Please check in by entering the "check-in code" on the tablet installed on the shelf at the entrance, or by holding up the QR code.

Please use the tablet to check out as well.
Details will be emailed to you at the time of reservation.


How to spend your time

After arriving, please take your time to look around the room.


Ureshino tea, a local specialty, is placed in the kitchen. Please feel free to boil water and enjoy it.

A short walk around the nearby Shikanoshima.

A nap in a hammock on the wide-open porch may be a good idea. You can enjoy the sunset over Omura Bay from here.


There is a sofa and cushions in the living room, so you can spend your time as you like.

There is also a work desk, so please feel free to use it for PC work, etc.

There are two baths. One is indoor and one is open-air.

*The open-air bath is accessible from the bedroom.

The kitchen has a counter so you can also use it face-to-face.

Food prepared in the kitchen is served at the living room table.

The counter facing the kitchen can be used as a bar counter at night.

At twilight, you can enjoy the sunset over Omura Bay from your stay.

From the open-air bath, you can enjoy the clear night sky.


​Please take a good rest in the calm flow of time.

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