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Indulge yourself in a peaceful moment in an old private house facing Omura Bay

The old houses that bear the imprint of the past are a place where quiet time is spun. Here, you can enjoy the gentle waves of Omura Bay as they nestle together and the beautiful sunset softly sinks into the sea. Please relax and unwind in a high-quality space while also experiencing the local culture.


What is "yohaku"?

"yohaku" is a rental seaside villa, accommodating only one guest group per day.

It is a special place to experience local culture and traditions against the peaceful seaside scenery of Omura Bay. 


The Showa-era private house has been renovated to suit modern living while retaining some of its original charm.


Parts of the house that exude local character and tradition are harmonized with parts that feel new.


Workspace is provided for long-term stays and remote work comfortably.


For guests staying for consecutive nights, we have introduced an eco-friendly cleaning system (confirming that no cleaning is required for consecutive nights).

We are committed to SDGs by reducing plastic waste in our amenities.

Smoking is not permitted in the hotel.


We hope the gentle waves of Omura Bay and the beautiful sunsets will bring you peace of mind and inspiration.

Site area: 384 m2
Total floor area: 104 m2 Wooden one-story structure
The maximum number of guests is 8.



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