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Approximately 18 minutes by taxi or other car from Nagasaki Airport

If coming by Kyushu Shinkansen or JR Omura Line, approximately 8 minutes walk from Matsubara Station on the Omura Line.


If you are driving, please use the on-site parking lot.

Please enter through the gate at the end of the cedar plank fence with the "yohaku" sign.

Surrounding information


yohaku is located near the center of Nagasaki Prefecture, which runs long from north to south.
It is also located close to Nagasaki Airport.

It is also a good base from which to visit various sightseeing spots.

By car

18 minutes to Nagasaki Airport

42 minutes to Nagasaki Station

46 minutes to Huistenbosch

50 minutes to Sasebo Station

44 minutes to Hasami Town and Arita Town.

yohaku faces the old Nagasaki Road, which was built in the Edo period.

People used to travel to and from Nagasaki along this highway until the construction of National Route 34 in 1954.

Omura Bay is located to the west of the road. Beautiful sunsets can be seen from the facility.


An old private house "Hana-san-san" is located 250 meters away on foot and can be used for dining.

Hana-san-san's meal reservation


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